Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hunting Evil
by Guy Walters

A massive book on tracking down Nazis who committed horrific crimes during the Holocaust could have been really fascinating if only it was better written.
There's tons of names and they are introduced with so much detail that you can't even remember what the heck you read.
The most revelatory chapter was the bashing of Simon Wiesenthal. He was given all kinds of awards, during his lifetime, for his endless searching of Nazis. Apparently, though, he wasn't entirely truthful about himself and his work. Most of what he wrote in his three autobiographies was false and contradictory.
There was plenty of material about Wiesenthal, but I didn't stick with the book to find out what other fabrications he concocted.
There's plenty of great works about the Holocaust and the perpetrators. Hunting Evil is not one of them.

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