Friday, December 30, 2011

The Shakespeare Thefts : In Search Of The First Folios
by Eric Rasmussen

In 1623, the first edition of William Shakespeare's collected works, known as the First Folio, was published. Fellow actors of Shakespeare compiled it. According to author Eric Rasmussen, there are over four hundred copies floating around but only two hundred have been identified. The other ones have been either stolen or lost.
Rasmussen and his team embark on an adventure around the world to try and track down the known copies.
Although the reviews for this book have been congratulatory, I beg to differ. Every chapter is a different anecdote of what Rasmussen found and none of them are connected. After a while, I became bored. The writing is dull and tedious.
Not recommended.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eva Braun : Life With Hitler
by Heike B. Gortemaker

According to the publisher, Eva Braun was not supposed to be an insignificant figure in Hitler's life but more involved with his rule and his cohorts. Alas, I didn't get far enough to find out the so-called truth about her. The writing is very pedantic and boring and mainly talks about the high-ranking Nazis that were constantly around.
The book was translated but I don't believe that is the problem. Not too many people would be interested in reading it due to its heaviness and plodding text.
Not recommended.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Boy Who Went To War : The Story Of A Reluctant German Soldier In WWII
by Giles Milton

This should have been a promising book but it, unfortunately, fell short of its goal. Giles Milton writes about his family and father-in-law living under Hitler's regime. Since they were Christians, it's interesting to see how they viewed the Fuhrer. The entire family was anti-Nazi and they got away with it for as long as possible.
I couldn't tolerate the writing. It seems quite juvenile and is loaded with grammatical and spelling errors. The author is no slouch in writing books; he has written quite a few and I have read many of them. The Boy Who Went To War is not like his others, which is a shame.
Not recommended.

Fiction Ruined My Family : A Memoir
by Jeanne Darst

"Cursing Ruined This Book" would be more appropriate as a title for the above. In just one paragraph, the author uses f*** three times. Between the excessive use of profanity and the constant whining about the parents, I stopped reading after 70 pages.
Not recommended.